Salticidae  Blackwall, 1841 / Pellenes  Simon, 1876   30 species

Pellenes limbatus  Kulczyński, 1895


Prosoma dark brown, eye field black, covered with white scales and white hairs. Clypeus red-brown. Prosoma length: 1.90-2.28 mm. Chelicerae brown. Sternum brown, covered with white hairs. Legs: coxae and tarsi yellowish (in dark specimens only tarsi yellowish), remaining segments brown. Opisthosoma: dorsum grey, almost black, sometimes with a white median longitudinal line, venter dark grey to light brown (if light brown then with 4 yellow longitudinal stripes).


Prosoma dark brown, covered with white hairs, eye field black. Clypeus red-brown, covered with white hairs. Prosoma length: 2.18-2.65 mm. Legs yellow, except distal parts of femora, patellae and tibiae tinged with brown. Opisthosoma: dorsum brown-grey, with 3 wide, white longitudinal stripes, posterior oart with 2 pairs of yellowish lines, venter greyish, with 4 yellowish longitudinal stripes.

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Distribution comment: Occurrence in the Caucasus needs to be verified (Otto 2022)
Global distribution (WSC 2022): Russia (Middle to north-eastern Siberia), Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China
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Distribution List
Azerbaijan   (Otto, 2022) |||

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