1. To whom can I send error reports / suggestions for keys?

A. Wrongly assigned drawings.

In case you encounter wrongly assigned drawings, please contact info@theoblick.de.

B. General errors or suggestions

At the moment only possible via email. Please describe the error / suggestion as precisely as possible (e.g. with help of a screenshot) and submit the information to info@theoblick.de.

C. New keys or part of keys

In case you want to contribute a key or a new part of a key, please contact one of the editors.

We appreciate your collaboration!


2. How can I link from external ressources to araneae.nmbe.ch?

Links to keys at family level

Format with family name *
Example: https://araneae.nmbe.ch/key-fam/Agelenidae

Format with family id **
Example: https://araneae.nmbe.ch/genkey/37

Links to keys at genera level

Format with genus name *

Example: https://araneae.nmbe.ch/key-gen/Atypus

Format with genus id **

Example: https://araneae.nmbe.ch/specieskey/37

Direct links to species datasheet

Format with taxon name *

Example 1: https://araneae.nmbe.ch/taxondata/Araneus_diadematus
Example 2 subspecies: https://araneae.nmbe.ch/taxondata/Lathys_humilis%20meridionalis

Format with species id **
Example: https://araneae.nmbe.ch/data/79

Format with species LSID (World Spider Catalog)
Example: https://araneae.nmbe.ch/speclsid/16119

* Nomenclature will always follow the latest version of the World Spider Catalog
** Please contact Daniel Gloor (gloord(at)bluewin.ch) for the current list of taxon ids.

3. Is araneae optimized for a specific browser?

Answer: No. If you are using an up-to-date browser with JavaScript enabled, you can use all the features of araneae. Nevertheless, if you are experiencing problems using araneae.nmbe.ch please contact Daniel Gloor (gloord(at)bluewin.ch).