Linyphiidae  Blackwall, 1859 / Linyphia  Latreille, 1804   8 species

Linyphia mimonti  Simon, 1884


Prosoma light yellow-brown, with a narrow blackish submarginal band. Chelicerae light yellow-brown, promargin with 3, retromargin with 4 teeth. Stenrum yellow-brown, grey at margins. Legs yellow brown with dark annulation, patellae greyish, tibiae, metatarsi and tarsi with distinct apical rings. Opisthosoma light beige-coloured (bleached?), latero-dorsal bands with white blotches on whole length, dorsal posterior third with faint grey chevrons, lateral with a row of 4 small oblong black spots, lateral and ventral side with some white spots. Spinnerets yellow-brown (van Helsdingen, 1969).

Body length male: 4.2 mm

Colouration in general as in males. Opisthosoma with purple-brown median band, its margins serrated and sinuate, dorsal half of lateral surface and around median band white (van Helsdingen, 1969).

Body length female: 3.9-6 mm
  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2020): Italy, Albania, Greece (incl. Crete), Lebanon, Israel

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