Salticidae  Blackwall, 1841 / Heliophanus  C. L. Koch, 1833   43 species

Heliophanus encifer  Simon, 1871


Prosoma dark brown or black, with metallic sheen. Sternum brown. Legs brown, tarsi and metatarsi yellow, or only femora brown. Opisthosoma dark brown or black, anterior margin with narrow white band and 1-2 pair(s) of white spots (sometimes absent).

Body length male: 3.2-3.5 mm

Coloration as in males. Legs yellow.

Body length female: 4.8-5.6 mm
  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2020): Mediterranean
Distribution List
Cyprus   ( no references ) ||| France / Corsica   ( no references ) ||| Italy   ( no references ) |||

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