Salticidae  Blackwall, 1841 / Calositticus  Lohmander, 1944   8 species

Calositticus rupicola  (C. L. Koch, 1837)


Cymbium and bulbus comparatively large. Prosoma red-brown, with 3 distinct, narrow longitudinal stripes consisting of white hairs. Legs with bright patella. Femur basal half bright. Opisthosoma black with yellow-grey spots, ventrally with one pair of bright spots.

Body length male: 3.5-7.3 mm
Body length female: 5.1-6.7 mm
Additional information

mountain species, among stones and rocks up to 1700 m

  No data
Distribution comment: Presumably the records from Estonia and Lithuania belong to C. inexpectus
Global distribution (WSC 2019): Europe

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