Araneidae  Clerck, 1757 / Gibbaranea  Archer, 1951   6 species

Gibbaranea bruuni  Lissner, 2016


Prosoma dark brown and densely covered with whitish and light brown hairs. Opisthosoma with only weakly developed humps and dark folium. Dark spots only in anterior part. Opisthosoma densely covered with hairs of same colour. Coxa I with posterior-apical hook or tooth. Legs annulated, apart from proximal part of femora. Median apophysis of the pedipalp with unequal peak protruding out of one edge of the apical part.

Body length male: 2.6-4.2 mm

Colour similar to male, yet quite variable. Tooth on coxa I missing.  Humps of opisthosoma strongly pronounced.

Body length female: 3.6-4.8 mm
Additional information

Smallest member of the genus.

On shrubs and lower branches of conifers in fairly shaded areas. Also found on thorny, unpalatable shrubs in open forests with grazing lifestock.

Collected on Mallorca from 380-815 m, in North Africa only found at sea level up to 200 m.

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Global distribution (WSC 2024): Portugal, Spain, Algeria, Tunisia
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Algeria   (Lissner & Bosmans, 2016; Benhacene et al., 2023) ||| Portugal   (Branco et al., 2019) ||| Spain   (Lissner & Bosmans, 2016) ||| Spain / Balearic Islands   (Branco et al., 2019; Lissner & Bosmans, 2016) ||| Tunisia   (Lissner & Bosmans, 2016) |||

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