Salticidae  Blackwall, 1841 / Evarcha  Simon, 1902   11 species

Evarcha nepos  (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872)


Prosoma blackish, some areas brown. Eye field with white spot, white areas behind posterior median eyes. Prosoma length: 2.10 mm. Chelicerae brown. Legs: femora II-IV light, apical half black: leg I dark, apical half of femur and tibia vantrally black. Opisthosoma blackish brown, with white tip, median part with large, square, white spot, sides white.


Prosoma blackish brown with whitish adpressed setae. Prosoma length: 2.27 mm. Chelicerae brown. Legs: all femora whitish, apically black; remaining segments brown with blackish ringsand some white setae. Opisthosoma with complicated "leaf" pattern of black, brown and white spots.

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Global distribution (WSC 2020): Turkey, Cyprus, Israel
 male  female

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