Linyphiidae  Blackwall, 1859 / Bolyphantes  C. L. Koch, 1837   9 species

Bolyphantes lagodekhensis  (Tanasevitch, 1990)


Palpus patella with a thick, tapering and pointed spine, denticles absent. Cymbium with a ridge-shaped posterodorsal outgrowth. Postero-lateral branch of paracymbium rather thin and sclerotized. Paracymbium with two teeth in its proximal part. Terminal apophysis with several branches and tapering outgrowths. Lamella characteristica large and wide, consisting of a strong main branch and an attached sail-like membranous part. Serrate area of embolus with a long and narrow needle-shaped outgrowth.

Prosoma 1.05 long, 0.83 wide, pale brown, with a grey median spot and a narrow margin tinged with black. Chelicerae 0.46 long, unmodified; anterior margin with two teeth, posterior unarmed. Stridulating files fine. Legs pale brown, without median bands (TmI 0.21). 

Opisthosoma 1.23 long, 0.78 wide, dark grey, heart region pale, dorsal area flanked by pale paramedian spots connected to each other across the dorsum with thin slanting bands behind the pale region. Spinnerets dark grey.

Body length male: 2.31 mm

Epigyne with a short narrow pseudoscape. Lateral lobes of scape very long, their distal parts are partly covering of pseudoscape. Stretcher well developed, long and narrow.

Prosoma 0.88 mm long, 0.71 mm wide, light brown, with thin, dark fringe and thin foveae. Eyes with black fringes. Chelicerae 0.39 long, anterior margin with three teeth, posterior with four small teeth near base of fang. Stridulating files fine. Legs light brown, not annulated, in some specimens tibia with with a thin proximal white band (TmI 0.21).

Opisthosoma 1.65 long, 1.12 wide, coloration as in male, sometimes uniformly grey.

Body length female: 2.46 mm
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Alpine and subnival zones, under slate plates. Similar to  Bolyphantes distichus (Tanasevitch, 1986) and B. distichoides Tanasevitch, 2000

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Global distribution (WSC 2024): Georgia
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