Salticidae  Blackwall, 1841 / Menemerus  Simon, 1868   13 species

Menemerus marginatus  (Kroneberg, 1875)


Prosoma dark brown, black near eyes, white hairs covering lateral margins of prosoma. Prosoma length: 2.8-3.1 mm. Chelicerae brown, promargin with 2 teeth, retromargin with one single tooth. Sternum light brown. Legs brownish yellow with darker annulation. Opisthosoma: dorsum with yellowish pattern on blackish background, covered with long white and brown hairs, venter brownish.


Colouration as in male. Prosoma length: 2.7-3.2 mm.

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Global distribution (WSC 2024): Caucasus (Russia, Azerbaijan), Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India
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