Linyphiidae  Blackwall, 1859 / Sintula  Simon, 1884   12 species

Sintula corniger  (Blackwall, 1856)


Male palp with strongly serrated spines on processes of tibia and cymbium. Cymbium with process, longer than wide. Paracymbium with pointed processes. Epigyne elongated into 2 long tails. Prosoma yellow-brown, margin and radial stripes darker. Sternum brown, darkened blackish. Chelicerae short and very robust, 6 teeth each on anterior and posterior cheliceral furrow margin. Legs yellow-brown, robust. Opisthosoma yellow-brown, sometimes darker or black.

Body length male: 1.5-2 mm
Body length female: 1.5-2.5 mm
Additional information

In swampy, open habitat

Frequency: Widely distributed

Character states from linyphiid key
  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2019): Europe to Azerbaijan
 male  female

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