Thomisidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Xysticus  C. L. Koch, 1835   78 species

Xysticus spasskyi  Utochkin, 1968


Carapace length 2.3 mm, width 2.2 mm; with yellow-brown median band with white V-shaped figure. Sides uniformly colored, without markings. Posterior slope with two dark brownish spots. Median-eye rectangle wider than long; its frontal half yellow, posterior part obscured. Clypeus with 7 bristles. Sternum dotted with brown spots and brown setae. Coxae, femora and patellae of the legs with light-yellow longitudinal stripes. Abdomen oval, somewhat flattened; dorsum dark brown with white markings and white fringe; anterior half with two longitudinal white stripes, posterior half with transversal interrupted white stripe and two white spots behind it. Venter yellow-brown, somewhat spotted. Spinnerets with narrow yellow fringe.


Carapace length 2.9 mm, width 2.8 mm; its surface brown with a bright median band with a light yellow pentagonal pattern in its anterior part. Carapace sides brown with yellow pattern. Eye field light yellow, eye tubercles sometimes darkened. Clypeus with 7 bristles. Sternum yellow with brown spots. Legs yellow-brown, femora and patellae I and II somewhat spotted; dorsal side of all legs with light longitudinal stripes (except metatarsus and tarsus). Abdomen oval and somewhat flattened. Dorsum with yellow fringe, dorsum pattern eroded, its anterior part lighter than posterior part. Venter brownish-yellow, spotted. Epigyne with thin septum in anterior part of the openings.


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Global distribution (WSC 2019): Ukraine, Caucasus (Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan)

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