Gnaphosidae  Pocock, 1898 / Haplodrassus  Chamberlin, 1922   43 species

Haplodrassus morosus  (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872)


Resembles Haplodrassus signifer, but differs in palp morphology and dorsal pattern of opisthosoma. Opisthosoma long-oval, brownish yellow-grey, with lateral and dorsal short, black striae, black suffusions and several sharply angular chevrons posteriorly.


Prosoma pale yellow, anteriorly darker. Legs yellow, legs I and II darker. Opisthosoma long-oval, dull yellowish, dorsally with large dusky brown elongate wedge-shaped marking, followed by a series of indistinct, broad angular lines. Epigyne: rather large and circular opening with longitudinal septum whose margins are strongly angular. Posteriorly with two round, boss-like, glossy prominences.

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Global distribution (WSC 2021): Greece, Turkey, Israel
 male  female
Distribution List
Greece   (no references) ||| Turkey (Asia)   (no references) |||

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