Linyphiidae  Blackwall, 1859 / Caracladus  Simon, 1884   3 species

Caracladus zamoniensis  Frick & Muff, 2009


Prosoma honey brown, reticulated, with cephalic lobe. Resembles C. avicula, but more robust, neck-like prolongation of equal diameter directly below and above eye field. Tibia I proximally bent and dorsally with glabrous area on proximal half. Palp: Embolus short, broad and robust basally, thin and U-shaped distally. Prosoma length: 0.9 mm, prosoma width: 0.7 mm.

Body length male: 1.91-2.18 mm

Resembles C. avicula. Epigyne: two anterior pouches formed by the ventral and dorsal plate, anterior borders highly sclerotised. Vulva without copulatory duct, simple with hook-like sclerotised pouch borders, originating anterior and mesal to the receptacula. Prosoma length: 0.9 mm, prosoma width: 0.7 mm.

Body length female: 1.62-2.00 mm
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Global distribution (WSC 2022): France, Switzerland, Austria
 male  female
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Frick H, Muff P (2009) Revision of the genus Caracladus with the description of Caracladus zamoniensis spec. nov. (Araneae, Linyphiidae, Erigoninae). Zootaxa 1982: 1-37 pdf

WSC (2022) World Spider Catalog. Version 23.5. Natural History Museum Bern, online at (21.07.2022) doi: 10.24436/2 pdf

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