Theridiidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Theridion  Walckenaer, 1805   53 species

Theridion betteni  Wiehle, 1960


Conductor narrow, ± bent rectangularly. Epigyne with clearly visible copulatory opening, epigynal groove shallow. Prosoma yellowish-brown, tinged with black, eye region darker. Sternum brown, sometimes almost black. Chelicerae brown, sometimes almost black. Legs yellow-grey, annulated with dark brown. Opisthosoma dorsally with longitudinal band, otherwise very variable, mostly spotted brown, ventrally dark brown with white spots posterior to the epigastric furrow.

Body length male: 2.4-3 mm
Body length female: 2.6-3.8 mm
Additional information

In intensely sunny crevices and horizontal mural chinks

Frequency: Rarely found

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2020): Europe, Turkey
 male  female
Distribution List
Albania   ( no references ) ||| Austria   ( no references ) ||| Bulgaria   ( no references ) ||| Croatia   ( no references ) ||| Czechia   ( no references ) ||| France   ( no references ) ||| Germany   ( no references ) ||| Greece   ( no references ) ||| Italy   ( no references ) ||| North Macedonia   ( no references ) ||| Poland   ( no references ) ||| Romania   ( no references ) ||| Russia, Southern   ( no references ) ||| Slovakia   ( no references ) ||| Slovenia   ( no references ) ||| Switzerland   ( no references ) ||| Turkey (Asia)   ( no references ) |||

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