Linyphiidae  Blackwall, 1859 / Zornella  Jackson, 1932   1 species

Zornella cultrigera  (L. Koch, 1879)


Submarginal ridge of prosoma indistinct. Frontal cheliceral tooth with steep dorsal side. Palp: retrolateral apophysis rather long and with long, shallow hollow.

Prosoma length: 1.9-2.2 mm, prosoma width: 1.4-1.5 mm.

Body length male: 3.2-3.7 mm

Frontal cheliceral tooth with steep dorsal side. Epigyne with relatively long rostrum which is separated from the median plate by the lateral concavities. Sulci long, their terminal parts almost parallel.

Prosoma length: 1.5-1.7 mm, prosoma width: 1.2 mm.

Body length female: 3.8 mm
  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2020): Scandinavia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Russia (Europe to Far East), Kazakhstan, Mongolia

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