Gnaphosidae  Pocock, 1898 / Micaria  Westring, 1851   34 species

Micaria funerea  Simon, 1878


Leg I without black-brown spot distal-prolateral on light ground. Palp: cymbium with 4 bristles. Tibia mostly with one apophysis, rarely with two, distal apophysis slender and straight. Retinaculum positioned in longitudinal axis of bulb. Prosoma length: 2.0 mm, prosoma width: 1.4 mm.

Body length male: 4.3 mm

Femur I-II dorsally with one basal bristle, III-IV dorsally with 2 two bristles. Tibia I-II ventrally without long bristles, only with scopula. Epigyne: with blackened anterior margin with sharp lateral edges and pointing partially to openings of Vulva. Two paramedian, parallel longitudinal ridges, strongly sclerotized. Prosoma length: 1.5 mm, prosoma width: 1.1 mm.

Body length female: 4.2 mm
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Global distribution (WSC 2022): Spain, France (Corsica), Bulgaria, Russia (Caucasus)
Distribution List
Bulgaria   (Blagoev et al., 2018) ||| France / Corsica   (no references) ||| Italy   (Pantini & Isaia, 2019) ||| Russia, Southern   (Otto, 2022) ||| Spain   (Branco et al., 2019) |||

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