Linyphiidae  Blackwall, 1859 / Centromerus  Dahl, 1886   65 species

Centromerus obenbergeri  Kratochvil & Miller, 1938


Prosoma yellow to yellow-brown. Opisthosoma grey. Eyes small and surrounded by a narrow black area. Chelicerae yellow-brown, with 3 pro- and 4 retromarginal teeth. Palp: strong dorsal spine on patella. Cymbium with a postero-dorsal protuberance. Paracymbium large, with 12 teeth on inner margin; 4 short hairs near proximal end. Lamella characteristically built, continuous with radix. Prosoma length: 0.8 mm, prosoma width: 0.6 mm.


Coloration and characters as in male. Prosoma length: 0.7 mm, prosoma width: 0.5 mm.

Additional information

Troglophile species (Mammola et al. 2018)

Character states from linyphiid key
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Global distribution (WSC 2019): Montenegro

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