Gnaphosidae  Pocock, 1898 / Zelotes  Gistel, 1848   125 species

Zelotes metellus  (Roewer, 1928)


Prosoma brown. Prosoma length: 1.6-185 mm, prosoma width: 0.59-0.77 mm. Legs brown, tarsi and metatarsi lighter. Opisthosoma black, scutum occupying 1/5 of opisthosoma length.

Body length male: 2.9-4.5 mm

Prosoma length: 2.2 mm, prosoma width: 1.66 mm. Colouration as in males.

Body length female: 3.5-4.5 mm
  No data
Distribution comment: Record from Turkey refers to Z. prishutovae, see Kovblyuk et al., 2009
Global distribution (WSC 2021): France, Albania, Greece to Iran, Israel, Russia (Europe)
 male  female
Distribution List
Albania   (no references) ||| Cyprus   (Bosmans et al., 2019c) ||| France   (no references) ||| Greece   (no references) ||| Greece / Crete   (no references) ||| Russia, Southern   (no references) ||| Ukraine   (no references) |||

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