Thomisidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Xysticus  C. L. Koch, 1835   83 species

Xysticus apricus  L. Koch, 1876


Male palp with smooth apical, prolateral area of tegulum. Cymbium retrolaterally asymmetrically widened. Tibial apophysis ventrally broad and hook-shaped with rounded terminal branch, widened shield-like. Retrolateral apophysis broad and tapering toward tip. Embolus basally broad, pointing retrolaterally and tapering toward end. Tip of embolus not visible. Epigyne with horn-like area covering genital opening. Prosoma brown, with light beige, cream coloured beige anterior region. Sternum longish oval to slightly roundish and scarcely spined. Chelicerae frontally spined. Legs light yellow-brown. Femur prolaterally cream, dorsally frequently brown and longitudinally white striped. Opisthosoma anteriorly white, with ripped surface, posteriorly dark grey-brown (female rather beige-brown). Median area lancet-shaped, cream-beige, with 5 yellowish depressions.

Body length male: 4-4.5 mm
Body length female: 5.3-8.1 mm
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Global distribution (WSC 2024): Italy
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Croatia   (Drakšić & Katušić, 2011) ||| Italy   (Pantini & Isaia, 2019) |||

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