Cheiracanthiidae  Wagner, 1887 / Cheiracanthium  C. L. Koch, 1839   35 species

Cheiracanthium effossum  Herman, 1879


Cymbium with spur, at least as long as male palp tibia. Male palpal tibia approximately four times as long as patella. Vulva with long receptaculum seminis, approximately parallel to longitudinal axis of body. Entrance ducts with wide lumen, twisted about three times around receptaculum seminis. Prosoma: 3.2-4.5 mm. Chelicerae male: strongly outwardly bulged distally and inner side indented.

Body length male: 7-8 mm
Body length female: 7-8 mm

Frequency: Very rarely found

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2020): Central to eastern Europe
 male  female
Distribution List
Austria   ( no references ) ||| Belarus   ( no references ) ||| Czechia   ( no references ) ||| Germany   ( no references ) ||| Hungary   ( no references ) ||| Montenegro   ( no references ) ||| Romania   ( no references ) ||| Russia, Southern   ( no references ) ||| Serbia   ( no references ) ||| Slovakia   ( no references ) ||| Ukraine   ( no references ) |||

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