Zodariidae  Thorell, 1881 / Zodarion  Walckenaer, 1826   155 species

Zodarion maculatum  (Simon, 1870)


Pedipalp: tibial apophysis long, basal part with parallel margins, distal part with a blunt postero-median lobe. Prosoma dark brown-black. Prosoma length: 1.64-1.88 mm. Legs: coxae and patellae white, femora brown to black-brown, tibiae to tarsi yellowish brown, metatarsi sometimes slightly darkened. Opisthosoma: dorsum dark sepia, with a row of 5 chevrons or spots, the 3 posterior ones sometimes merged into a longitudinal spot, venter and lateral stripe whitish.

Body length male: 3.4-3.9 mm

Epigyne with deep, transverse oval depression. Colouration as in males. Prosoma length: 1.80-2.16 mm.

Body length female: 3.8-5.4 mm
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Global distribution (WSC 2024): Morocco, Algeria, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy
 male  female
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