Zodariidae  Thorell, 1881 / Zodarion  Walckenaer, 1826   126 species

Zodarion alacre  (Simon, 1870)


Pedipalp: tibial apophysis moderately long, with parallel margins, terminally incised. Prosoma dark reddish brown to black. Prosoma length: 1.46-1.76 mm. Legs: coxae I-II brown, coxae III-IB yellowish brown, femora dark brown, patellae I-II yellowish brown, patellae III-IV, tibiae and metatarsi brown, tarsi yellowish brown. Opisthosoma dark sepia, with rounded spot and pale transverse stripe above the spinnerets, venter reddish brown, triangular spot before spinnerets and lateral stripe grey.

Body length male: 2.8-3.1 mm

Epigyne with 2 postero-median pits, median plate longer than wide, postero-lateral border strongly and anterior margin slightly chitinized. Colouration as in males, usually slightly lighter, as well as ventral spots on opisthosoma larger. Prosma length: 1.82-2.10 mm.

Body length female: 3.9-5.1 mm
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Global distribution (WSC 2020): Portugal, Spain
 male  female
Distribution List
Portugal   (Branco et al., 2019) ||| Spain   (Branco et al., 2019) |||

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