Clubionidae  Wagner, 1887 / Clubiona  Latreille, 1804   45 species

Clubiona riparia  L. Koch, 1866


Opisthosoma purplish brown with a pair of yellow dots anteriorly followed by a distinct yellow feather-like pattern. Resembles C. lutescens but with smaller palpal tibial apophysis. Prosoma length: 2.8 mm, prosoma width: 2.0 mm.

Body length male: 4.4-7.4 mm

Prosoma yellowish brown, with dark flecks along radial furrows. Head reddish brown. Chelicerae, maxillae and labium blackish yellow. Sternum yellowish brown, with black margin and some inconspicuous black spots. Opisthosoma deep reddish brown with yellow feather-like pattern. Ventral surface of opisthosoma reddish brown with two broad reddish yellow stripes, each of which is marginated with a series of small yellow spots. Prosoma length: 3.7 mm, prosoma width: 2.5 mm.

Body length female: 5.4-10.2 mm
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Global distribution (WSC 2023): Russia (Urals to Far East), Mongolia, China, Japan, North America
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