Cheiracanthiidae  Wagner, 1887 / Cheiracanthium  C. L. Koch, 1839   36 species

Cheiracanthium gratum  Kulczyński, 1897


Prosoma uniformly pale yellow. Sternum pale yellow. Chelicerae pale yellow, pro- and retromargin with 2 small teeth. Legs pale yellow, slightly darker distally. Opisthosoma pale yellow to yellow-green with dark yellow cardiac mark.

Body length male: 5.6-6.5 mm

Colouration as in males.

Body length female: 6.7-7 mm
  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2024): Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia (Europe), Kazakhstan
 male  female
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"No references" does not mean that the species does not occur in this country, but that we have not yet inserted the reference for it. We are working on it.

Germany   (Merkens & Wunderlich, 2000) ||| Hungary   (Chyzer & Kulczyński, 1897) ||| Russia, Southern   (Ponomarev & Khnykin, 2013; Ponomarev, 2022) ||| Ukraine   (Polchaninova & Prokopenko, 2019) |||

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