Dictynidae  O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871 / Mizaga  Simon, 1898   1 species

Mizaga racovitzai  (Fage, 1909)


Pedipalpus without patellar apophysis, tibia with short spoon-like apophysis, with simple bulb, no median apophysis nor conductor, embolus forming one-half circle. Otherwise similar to female

Body length male: 3.8 mm

Posterior eye row straight, labium longer than wide, conspicuously notched at base, sternum longer than wide, prosoma dark orange-brown, legs and sternum slightly lighter, opisthosoma yellowish, covered with short, fine hairs, epigyne mostly membranous.

Body length female: 3.6 mm
Additional information

Spiders live in holes among calcareous algae in the intertidal zones of the Mediterranean Sea and form tubular retreats which are closed by silk when submerged by the incoming tide. These retreats are similar to those from species the genus Desis (Desidae) at coasts of the Indian and Pacific oceans.

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Global distribution (WSC 2024): Mediterranean
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