Thomisidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Xysticus  C. L. Koch, 1835   82 species

Xysticus slovacus  Svatoň, Pekár & Prídavka, 2000


Prosoma beige, dark brown at sides and in the middle. Opisthosoma beige with distinct brown markings at sides and in the middle. Palpus with hook-shaped median tegular apophysis.

prosoma length: 2.4 mm, prosoma width: 2.3 mm.


Prosoma yellow, darker in the middle, with a pair of brown stripes along margin. Vestibula oval and diverging anteriorly. Distance between vestibula and spermathecae is twice the diameter of vestibulum.

prosoma length: 3.0 mm, prosoma width: 2.8 mm.

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Global distribution (WSC 2021): Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia (Urals)
Distribution List
Slovakia   (no references) ||| Ukraine   (no references) |||

Esyunin S L, Efimik V E (1995) Remarks on the Ural spider fauna, 4. New records of spider species (excluding Linyphiidae) from the Urals (Arachnida Aranei). Arthropoda Selecta 4(1): 71-91 pdf

WSC (2021) World Spider Catalog. Version 22.0. Natural History Museum Bern, online at (29.05.2021) doi: 10.24436/2 pdf

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