Agelenidae  C. L. Koch, 1837 / Tegenaria  Latreille, 1804   101 species

Tegenaria eleonorae  Brignoli, 1974


Same colouration as T. henroti. Palp: Patellar apophysis absent. Retrotibial apophysis with lateral, dorsal and ventral branch, lateral branch lamella-like, dorsal branch strongly sclerotized, horn-like ventral apophysis forming a big, weakly sclerotized bulge. Cymbial modifications absent.

prosoma length: 3.8 mm, prosoma width: 3.1 mm.

Body length male: 8.32 mm

Same colouration as T. henroti. Epigyne: membranous triangular or trapezoidal plate. Anterior and lateral margin of atrium forming strongly sclerotized rim, not continuous. Copulatory ducts broad. Spermathecae developed as tube-like ducts, anteriorly weakly spiral, posteriorly only moderately convoluted. Fertilisation ducts short. Due to a slightly different position of the two ducts, the vulva may not be perfectly symmetrical.

prosoma length: 3.6-4.4 mm, prosoma width: 2.7-3.4 mm.

Body length female: 7.8 mm
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Global distribution (WSC 2023): Italy
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Italy / Sardinia   (Pantini & Isaia, 2019) |||

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