Theridiidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Theridion  Walckenaer, 1805   54 species

Theridion parvulum  Blackwall, 1870


Palp short, yellowish, bulb yellowish brown, encircled by a black "filiform spine". Prosoma light brown, posteriorly with median black marking. Prosoma 1 mm long. Legs yellowish. Opisthosoma oval, whitish, dorsally with a large, dentate, black band, which is mottled with white on anterior part, ventrally with a black spot in front of spinnerets, and a black transverse band behind the epigastric fold.

Body length male: 2.1 mm


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Species inquirenda per Pantini & Isaia (2019).

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Distribution comment: Omitted from the Italian checklist (Pantini & Isaia (2019)
Global distribution (WSC 2021): Italy (Sicily)
Distribution List

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WSC (2021) World Spider Catalog. Version 21.5. Natural History Museum Bern, online at (03.01.2021) doi: 10.24436/2 pdf

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