Theridiidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Theridion  Walckenaer, 1805   54 species

Theridion laevigatum  Blackwall, 1870




Palp uniform yellowish, with a pectinated claw. Prosoma brownish yellow, with dark margin. Prosoma 1.6 mm long. Sternum dark red-brown. Legs yellowish brown, with dark annulations on femur and tibia. Opisthosoma dorsally yellowish white, with anteriorly a large, angular, dark brown patch, laterally and ventrally brownish, with 2 irregular whitish spots in front of spinnerets.

Body length female: 2.8 mm
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No illustrations provided by the author. Species inquirenda per Pantini & Isaia (2018).

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Distribution comment: Omitted from the Italian checklist by Pantini & Isaia (2018)
Global distribution (WSC 2020): Italy
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Italy   (Pantini & Isaia, 2019) |||

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