Salticidae  Blackwall, 1841 / Marpissa  C. L. Koch, 1846   7 species

Marpissa balcanica  (Kratochvil, 1932)


Male unknown.


Prosoma length: 3.43 mm, prosoma width: 2.40 mm. Prosoma light yellow-brown, ocular area dark brown, eyes surrounded with black, entire prosoma covered with white scales, fovea present. Clypeus densely covered with long white hairs. Sternum yellow, tinged with grey. Maxillae, labium and chelicerae light yellow-brown. Legs and palps yellow, palps covered with white hairs. Opisthosoma yellow, dorsum with reticulate greyish pattern. Spinnerets yellow.

Body length female: 6.7 mm
  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2021): Croatia
Distribution List
Bosnia and Herzegovina   (Komnenov, 2010) ||| Croatia   (no references) |||

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