Pholcidae  C. L. Koch, 1850 / Micropholcus  Deeleman-Reinhold & Prinsen, 1987   3 species

Micropholcus fauroti  (Simon, 1887)


8 eyes. Pale. Thoracic groove shallow, inconspicuous. Legs long, femur I about 2x body length. Male procursus with characteristic dorsal projection.

Body length male: 2.4 mm

8 eyes. Thoracic groove shallow, inconspicuous. Legs long, femur I about 1.5 times body length. Epigyne: Unsclerotized, with distinctive internal crescentshaped structure visible through cuticle anteriorly.

Body length female: 2.7 mm
Additional information

Often in and on buildings.

This species of Asian (Middle East) origin is not native to Europe (alien species). It had been introduced into Europe and did establish.

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Global distribution (WSC 2021): Temperate Asia. Introduced to both Americas, Belgium, Germany, Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, Australia, Pacific Is.
Distribution List
Belgium   (Van Keer & Van Keer, 2001) ||| Germany   (Huber et al., 2017) ||| Libya   (Bosmans, unpubl.) |||

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