Anapidae  Simon, 1895 / Comaroma  Bertkau, 1889   1 species

Comaroma simoni  Bertkau, 1889


Cymbium angled with respect to tibial axis. Embolus short and robust. Epigyne only recognisable by receptacula seminis. Prosoma red-brown, with darker margin, anterior median eyes very small, sometimes completely reduced. Sternum red-brown. Chelicerae red-brown to brown. Legs red-brown, short and robust, patella brighter. Opisthosoma broad and flat, dorsally and ventrally with red-brown scuta and numerous, small chitinous plates.

Body length male: 1.6 mm
Body length female: 1.6 mm
Additional information

In leaf litter of damp woodland. This species builds a small, modified orb web.

Troglophile species (Mammola et al. 2018b)

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Global distribution (WSC 2022): Europe
 male  female
Distribution List
Austria   (no references) ||| Belgium   (no references) ||| Czechia   (no references) ||| Germany   (no references) ||| Greece   (van Helsdingen et al., 2018) ||| Hungary   (Samu & Szinetár, 1999) ||| Italy   (Pantini & Isaia, 2019) ||| Luxembourg   (Staudt et al., 2013; Kreuels et al., 2019) ||| Montenegro   (no references) ||| Netherlands   (no references) ||| Serbia   (no references) ||| Slovakia   (no references) ||| Slovenia   (Kostanjšek & Kuntner, 2015) ||| Switzerland   (no references) |||

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