Theridiidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Enoplognatha  Pavesi, 1880   30 species

Enoplognatha serratosignata  (L. Koch, 1879)


Male palp with distinctly elongated apophysis, radix mesally with tooth. Epigyne with elevated posterior margin. Prosoma light brown, margin and radial stripes darker. Sternum black-brown. Chelicerae brown. Legs light brown, sometimes with darker annulations. Opisthosoma blackish, ventrally unicoloured, dorsally with large, grey-yellow folium, flanked by large black spots, spots also in heart region.

Body length male: 3.6 mm
Body length female: 3.6-5.6 mm
Additional information

On sunny slopes, under stones. Altitude 2100-2500 m.

In Norway first found in dry xerothermic calcareous meadows, but later also found to be common in various other dry habitats, such as dry pine forests, open heathland dominated by exposed bedrock, south-facing screes; also man-made habitats like road-fillings. Found at quite low elevations (1000 m a.s.l. or less) compared to southern Europe.


Frequency: Quite common and widespread in central parts of Southern Norway, in areas corresponding to the driest areas in the country.

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Global distribution (WSC 2020): Europe, Caucasus, Russia (Europe to Far East), Kazakhstan, China
 male  female

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