Anapidae  Simon, 1895 / Zangherella  Caporiacco, 1949   3 species

Zangherella algerica  (Simon, 1895)


Palp reduced in female, only stumps. Opisthosoma dorsally with scutum in both sexes, sclerotised rings around petiolus and spinnerets.

Body length male: 0.8 mm
Body length female: 0.8 mm
Additional information

In the litter layer of bushy forest. Strongly modified anapid orb web, similar to Comaroma simoni.

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2024): Italy, Algeria, Tunisia
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"No references" does not mean that the species does not occur in this country, but that we have not yet inserted the reference for it. We are working on it.

Algeria   (Brignoli, 1968a; Benhacene et al., 2023) ||| Italy   (Pantini & Isaia, 2019; Brignoli, 1968a) ||| Tunisia   (Brignoli, 1981b) |||

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