Dysderidae  C. L. Koch, 1837 / Harpactea  Bristowe, 1939   184 species

Harpactea rubicunda  (C. L. Koch, 1838)


Prosoma red-brown, 4 mm long. Coxa IV with 1-8 spines. Femur I and II with 3-6 spines.

Body length male: 8-12 mm

Prosoma and Sternum red-brown. Prosoma 3.5-4 mm long. Leg I and II red-brown, III and IV yellowish, femur I and II with 3 to 6 spines, femur IV with 8 to 10 dorsal spines, coxa IV with one to 8 spines, patella III with at least one spine.

Body length female: 8-12 mm
Additional information

Mainly in dry or semi-dry forests, scree slopes, dry grasslands, forest steppes, also in gardens, in houses, under stones and detritus.

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Distribution comment: Omitted from the Italian checklist by Pantini & Isaia (2018)
Global distribution (WSC 2022): Europe, Georgia
 male  female
Distribution List
Austria   (no references) ||| Belarus   (Miasnikou, unpubl.; Dashkevich, 2015) ||| Belgium   (no references) ||| Bulgaria   (Blagoev et al., 2018) ||| Croatia   (no references) ||| Czechia   (no references) ||| Denmark   (no references) ||| France   (Legris & Vidal, 2014) ||| Georgia   (Otto, 2022) ||| Germany   (no references) ||| Greece   (no references) ||| Hungary   (Samu & Szinetár, 1999) ||| Latvia   (Cera, 2018) ||| Lithuania   (no references) ||| Moldova   (no references) ||| Montenegro   (no references) ||| Poland   (no references) ||| Romania   (no references) ||| Russia, Southern   (Otto, 2022) ||| Serbia   (no references) ||| Slovakia   (no references) ||| Slovenia   (Kostanjšek & Kuntner, 2015) ||| Switzerland   (no references) ||| Ukraine   (Polchaninova & Prokopenko, 2019) ||| United Kingdom   (Lavery, 2019) |||

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