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2022-05-25 14:26:34

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Pedipalpus: Cymbium 1.4 mm lang, Embolus sehr lang, Ursprung in der Mitte des Bulbus, mit 2 Windungen. Prosoma 1.4 mm lang. Farbe dunkel bräunlich. Beine: dunkelbraun, Tibia IV heller. Opisthosoma dorsal mit helleren Flecken.

Description male / description English

Palp: cymbium 1.4 mm long, embolus very long, its origin in the middle of the bulb, with 2 bends. Prosoma 1.4 mm long. Colour dark brownish. Legs: dark brown, tibia IV lighter. Opisthosoma dorsally with lighter patches.

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Miscellaneous German

Ein Männchen bekannt. In Busch.

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One male known. In bush.

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