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Konduktor am männlichen Pedipalpus mit zweiteiligem Fortsatz. Prosoma mit vereinzelten weissen Haaren bedeckt, Kopfteil breiter als lang. Opisthosoma dunkel, dorsal mit Muster aus weissen Flecken und 2 gelben Längsstreifen.

Description male / description English

Carapace black with scattered white setae and a longitudinal patch of orange/red hairs that can extend anteriorly to the eye region and as posteriorily as the cephalic region, but it is often much smaller.
Legs relatively long with bands of white setae.
Abdomen dark with pattern of white spots surrounding sigilla and two longitudinal yellow stripes running through sigilla. 
Male palp with proximal-distal axis; tegulum subtrapezoidal; conductor and embolus together form apical complex making one helical turn; conductor membranous at prolateral origin, abruptly transitioning dorsally-retrolaterally to heavily sclerotized bifid structure; tegular division longer than embolic division; cymbium with several long prolateral mesosetae.

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Description female German

Vulva mit kompaktem Gangsystem und vorderem Lobus. Prosoma mit relativ dicht mit weissen Haaren bedeckt.

Description female English

Carapace black with many scattered white setae.
Legs with scattered white setae, forming small rings at the segment joints. 
Epygine bar almost straight. 
Vulva with compact duct system and anterior lobe. Spermathecal heads of the anterior lobe spherical and distant from each other.

Body length female

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Nicht in Europa; vormalige Meldungen aus Spanien betreffen Loureedia colleni (Henriques et al. 2018)

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Not in Europe; former records from Spain refer to Loureedia colleni (Henriques et al. 2018)


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