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Total length 6.00; carapace, length 2.78, width 2.03; sternum length 1.65, width 1.13; chelicerae, length 1.13, width 0.53; abdomen, length 3.23. Coloration: Carapace and chelicerae red-brown. Sternum red-brown, a little lighter than carapace. Abdomen grey to light grey.
Legs of the same color as sternum. Chelicerae of the same color as carapace. Eyes: AE separated by 1 ½ of their diameter. PME closer to each other, almost touching. Chelicerae: The whole dorsal surface covered with small black seta-bearing tubercles. Anterior margin with 2 teeth, retromargin with 2 teeth. Proximal tooth on retromargin
opposite the space between the teeth on promargin.

Palp: Bulb long and narrow, of irregular shape. Its apical part ends with an extension bearing the embolus and conductor. Conductor with rectangular shape. Embolus bent in a right angle at the middle.

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