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Prosoma length 5.95, width 3.70; clypaeus width 0.65; chelicera length 2.18, width 0.85; sternum length (incl. labium) 4.45, width 2.15; opisthosoma length 5.25, width 3.00. Colouration: Prosoma intense red-brown. Sternum and chelicerae reddish, a little lighter than carapace. Legs yellow. Opisthosoma grey-white. Dorsal surface of chelicerae and anterior dorsal part of carapace covered with tiny, seta-bearing tubercles. Eyes: AE separated by 0.5× their diameter, posterior eye row procurved. Posterior eyes close to each other and to AE, almost touching. Legs: tarsi with 2 claws and scopula.

Male palp: Bulb orange, shaped as an irregular cylinder. Apex with convex an oval chitinized part, bearing thorn-like process, projecting outwards from its centre and directed forward.

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Prosoma length 6.75, width 4.15; clypeus width 0.60; chelicera length 2.10, width 0.98; sternum length (incl. labium) 5.25,width 2.55; opisthosoma length 7.50, width 3.75; Colouration and eye arrangement as in male. 

Vulva: Spermatheca with straight lateral wings. Dorsal arc of anterior diverticulum shaped like a regularly curved arc. Dorsal arc of posterior diverticulum likewise straight. Ventral wall triangular.

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