Family Amaurobiidae Thorell, 1869

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Cribellum lacking, serrated keel on the inner margin of the cheliceral groove, prolateral position of the tegular apophysis, complex embolus bent 3 times, solid epigynal plate with copulatory openings in the epigastral fold, only in the Russian Caucasus part



Cribellum present, other characters different



Anterior median eyes equidistant from each other and anterior lateral eyes; opisthosoma  with dark median band, male palpal tibia without dorsal apophysis, epigyne with strongly sclerotized median part of median plate. Northern Scandinavia and Siberia



Anterior median eyes closer to each other than to lateral eyes; median band on opisthosoma not developed or visible only in anterior half; male palpal tibia with distinct dorsal apophysis, epigyne bilobate, or with weakly sclerotized median plate



Dorsal tibial apophysis not subdivided, retrolateral tibial apophysis elongate dorsally, patellar apophysis lacking; epigyne divided by a longitudinal slit



Retrolateral tibial apophysis large; tegular apophysis located near the base of median apophysis. Epigyne with transverse lobe or fovea, not clearly separated into two parts


Adapted from Marusik et al. (2012)

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