Ctenizidae  Thorell, 1887 / Cteniza  Latreille, 1829   4 species

Cteniza moggridgei  O. P.-Cambridge, 1874


Male palp with denticles on coxae. Prosoma predominantly black. Male: prosoma roundish, labium with denticles. Opisthosoma predominantly black (black is often fading to brown in preserved specimens), ventrally whitish, distinctly marked off from black body colour.

Body length male: 11-13 mm
Body length female: 14-18 mm
Additional information

Southern of Alps between Antibes (France) and Savona (Italy)

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Distribution comment: Buchli (1968) lists this species for France and Italy (mediterranean coast). Chatzaki (pers.comm.) found it on Corsica.
Global distribution (WSC 2018): France, Italy

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