Ctenizidae  Thorell, 1887 / Cteniza  Latreille, 1829   3 species

Cteniza moggridgei  O. P.-Cambridge, 1874


Male palp with denticles on coxae. Prosoma predominantly black. Male: prosoma roundish, labium with denticles. Opisthosoma predominantly black (black is often fading to brown in preserved specimens), ventrally whitish, distinctly marked off from black body colour.

Body length male: 11-13 mm
Body length female: 14-18 mm
Additional information

Southern of Alps between Antibes (France) and Savona (Italy)

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Distribution comment: Buchli (1968) lists this species for France and Italy (mediterranean coast). Chatzaki (pers.comm.) found it on Corsica, which is not confirmed by Decae et al. (2019). Greece (Deltshev 2008b) not counted.
Global distribution (WSC 2019): France, Italy

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