Atypidae  Thorell, 1870 / Atypus  Latreille, 1804   3 species

Atypus affinis  Eichwald, 1830


Palp male: with longitudinal depression on femur. Males mostly black. Vulva with 2 pairs of receptacula seminis in the same line. Prosoma female: yellow-brown to black. Sternum with bright median area. First pair of sigilla more than one diameter apart from margin of sternum. Legs female: yellow-brown to black. Metatarsus IV male: dorsally without spines. Tarsus male: always bright. Posterior spinnerets distinctly 3 segmented (in dorsal and ventral view). Opisthosoma female: often completely bright.

Body length male: 7-9 mm
Body length female: 10-15 mm
Additional information

In dry, open pinewoods and heathland, in south-exposed dry meadows and on rocky slopes, up to 500 m. Capture tube over ground 12-17 cm, retreat tube under ground 20-45 cm, diameter up to 13 mm. Colonies of up to 200 specimens at densities of up to 90 individuals/m2. Cocoons with 30-160 eggs at the lower end of tube, mature after 4 years, adult males in late autumn. Females up to 8 years old. In contrast to the females, males can walk around and can be captured e.g. in pitfall traps.

This species can bite humans. Pain has been described as a light burning sensation with some associated local redness, disappearing soon.

Frequency: Widely distributed

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2019): Europe (Ireland to Ukraine), North Africa
 male  female

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