Mysmenidae  Petrunkevitch, 1928 / Microdipoena  Banks, 1895   1 species

Microdipoena jobi  (Kraus, 1967)


Embolus thick, distally complex. Epigyne with short scapus. Prosoma olive-brown to brown-black, margin and eye region darker. Male: with angularly descending dorsal line. Legs olive-brown to brown-black, with dark annulations. Tibia I male: with 2 robust spines. Metatarsus I male: with thorn. Opisthosoma black-grey with white spots.

Body length male: 0.8 mm
Body length female: 1.0 mm
Additional information

Thermophilic; in dry leaf litter of an open oak forest (Chios, Greece). This species builds a small orb web.

Frequency: Very rarely found

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2020): Europe, Caucasus, Iran, China, Korea, Japan

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