Philodromidae  Thorell, 1870 / Rhysodromus  Schick, 1965   9 species

Rhysodromus timidus  Szita & Logunov, 2008


Prosoma whitish, with pattern of reddish brown and beige stripes. Prosoma length: 1.45-1.8 mm. Legs sandy coloured, with poorly visible dark stripes and splashes around spines. Opisthosoma beige, with dark brown and yellowish brown pattern.

Body length male: 3.25-4.25 mm

Prosoma yellow, with 2 broad light brown longitudinal bands, clypeus yellow. Prosoma length: 2.40 mm. Sternum yellow. Legs yellow with numerous brown spots. Opisthosoma: dorsum yellow, with dark grey cardiac mark and bent, grey transverse lines, venter light yellow with brown spots and 3 longitudinal lines between epigastric furrow and spinnerets, a brush of dense brown bristles in front of the spinnerets.

Body length female: 6.2 mm
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Global distribution (WSC 2022): Russia (Caucasus), Kazakhstan, Pakistan
Distribution List
Russia, Southern   (Otto, 2022) |||

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