Gnaphosidae  Pocock, 1898 / Parasyrisca  Schenkel, 1963   9 species

Parasyrisca guzeripli  Ovtsharenko, Platnick & Marusik, 1995


Pedipalp with long embolus, narrowed, sharpened at tip. Retrolateral tibial apophysis short, conical, slightly bifurcated at tip. Prosoma length: 2.40 mm.

Body length male: 4.95 mm

Epigynal atrium elongated, anterior hood situated far from atrium, median septum narrow, epigynal folds parallel. Prosoma length: 3.00 mm.

Body length female: 9.00 mm
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Alpine zone, 2000-3000 m a.s.l.

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Global distribution (WSC 2023): Russia (Caucasus)
 male  female
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"No references" does not mean that the species does not occur in this country, but that we have not yet inserted the reference for it. We are working on it.

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Ovtsharenko V I, Platnick N I, Marusik Y M (1995) A review of the Holarctic ground spider genus Parasyrisca (Araneae, Gnaphosidae). American Museum Novitates 3147: 1-55 pdf

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