Philodromidae  Thorell, 1870 / Pulchellodromus  Wunderlich, 2012   9 species

Pulchellodromus punctiger  (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1908)


Tibia I with three pairs of ventral spines. Palp: cymbium narrow with more or less parallel margins, embolar base narrow, retrotibial apophysis as long as ventral tibial apophysis, embolus freely visible in ventral view, conductor tip with claw-like process.

Prosoma length: 1.6-2.4 mm.


Tibia I with three pairs of ventral spines. Epigyne: Epigynum without grooves, median septum slightly excavated, epigynal folds sigmoid, copulatory ducts longer than diameter of receptacula, strongly S-shaped, glandular heads small. Receptacula well separated from each other, median
septum relatively wider.

Prosoma length: 2.1-3.2 mm.

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Distribution comment: Spain: Lecigne (2012)
Global distribution (WSC 2020): Canary Is., Spain
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