Agelenidae  C. L. Koch, 1837 / Coelotes  Blackwall, 1841   25 species

Coelotes arganoi  Brignoli, 1978


Male unknown.


AME smallest, PME slightly larger than AME, lateral eyes subequal in size, slightly larger than PME; AME separated from each other by slightly less than their diameter, from ALE by about half an AME diameter; PME separated from each other by their diameter, from PLE by almost twice a PME diameter. Chelicera with 3 promarginal and 3 retromarginal teeth. Epigynal teeth long, slender, arising from slightly anterior to atrium, with contiguous bases and widely separated apices; atrium large, wider than long, situated anteriorly, separated from epigastric furrow by more than its length, with distinct, continuous, arch-shaped anterior margin; copulatory ducts broad, originating anteriorly; spermathecae broad, slightly extended anteriorly, widely separated by about their width; spermathecal heads arising distally on spermathecae. Females similar to C. caudatus in having anteriorly arising, basally contiguous, distally divergent epigynal teeth, distinct anterior margin of atrium, and broad spermathecae, but can be distinguished by relatively short epigynal teeth that extend less than halfway to epigastric furrow and spermathecae that extend parallel anteriorly.

Body length female: 8.6 mm
  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2019): Turkey

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