Lycosidae  Sundevall, 1833 / Geolycosa  Montgomery, 1904   4 species

Geolycosa dunini  Zyuzin & Logunov, 2000


Prosoma light brown, with white marginal stripes, an elongated yellow spot in foveal area and yellow radial stripes. Prosoma length: 8.6 mm. Chelicerae brown, basal half frontally covered with white hairs. Legs yellow-brown, with dark brown semi-rings on segment articulations. Opisthosoma: dorsum brownish, with dark brown cardiac mark bordered by yellow stripes, sides yellow, venter dark brown.

Body length male: 17.1 mm

Prosoma length: 10.20 mm. Colouration as in males, except opisthosoma dorsally without yellow stripes, instead with paired row of small yellow spots.

Body length female: 22.4 mm
Additional information

In grassland at 200 -1200 m asl.

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Global distribution (WSC 2022): Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
 male  female
Distribution List
Armenia   (Otto, 2022) ||| Azerbaijan   (Otto, 2022) ||| Georgia   (Otto, 2022) |||

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Zyuzin A A, Logunov D V (2000) New and little-known species of the Lycosidae from Azerbaijan, the Caucasus (Araneae, Lycosidae). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 11: 305-319 pdf

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