Sparassidae  Bertkau, 1872 / Olios  Walckenaer, 1837   5 species

Olios sericeus  (Kroneberg, 1875)


Bulbus in its distal half with a small and narrowly bent embolus, bearing a serrate ridge. Tegulum with a massive apophysis, extending prolaterally beyond the cymbium; prolateral and ventral margins of the apophysis serrated. Single retrolateral tibial apophysis broad, bent dorsad.

Body length male: 9.6–10.7 mm

Epigyne with median slit, the latter diverging regularly posterior, but abruptly anterior, forming wide pit. Internal duct system with a glandular structure close to the copulatory openings, otherwise with simple course, only with a small loop close to fertilisation ducts.

Variation: Median margins of lateral lobes with or without humps in anterior half. Surface of internal duct system more or less furrowed.

Body length female: 9.6-10.7 mm
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Global distribution (WSC 2021): Caucasus (Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan), Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan
 male  female
Distribution List
Azerbaijan   (Otto, 2020) ||| Georgia   (Otto, 2020) ||| Russia, Southern   (Otto, 2020) |||

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