Gnaphosidae  Pocock, 1898 / Drassodes  Westring, 1851   43 species

Drassodes archibensis  Ponomarev & Alieva, 2008


Palpus tibia short (only half as long as the cymbium) and with five spines. Tibial apophysis strong and long, almost reaching the middle of the bulbus. Embolus short and broad. Distal apophysis of the bulbus curved towards the side.

Carapace yellow-brown, cephalic region darkened. Radial lines extending from the median furrow do not reach the margin. Sternum yellow with black margin. Labien, gnathocoxae and chelicerae brown. Anterior cheliceral margin with three small teeth; the middle tooth is the largest and the tooth on the inner side is the smallest. Posterior cheliceral margin with one small tooth. Legs and palps yellow; scopulae on tarsi and metatarsi I and II well developed. Tibiae I and II with two pairs of ventral spines: one basal pair and one median pair. Metatarsi I and II with a basal pair of ventral spines.

Dorsum gray.

Carapace length 3.9 mm, width 2.7 mm.

Body length male: 10.1 mm
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Distribution comment: Caucasus
Global distribution (WSC 2020): Russia (Caucasus)
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Russia, Southern   ( no references ) |||

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